5 Banner Ads That Are Fun to Click

by Angela Nazworth | May 29, 2012 1:35 pm

In general, banner ads are easy to ignore. First of all, they’re virtually everywhere. And many of them blandly blend into a website’s landscape. In fact, click-through rates for banner ads are so unimpressive that some companies have nixed them from their marketing budgets[1].

However, not all ads are created equal. Mashable[2] recently compiled a list of 10 banner ads it deems “insanely clickable.” They’re all pretty interesting, but my five favorite belong to Kraft‘s (NYSE:KFT[3]) Stride Gum, Metlife (NYSE:MET[4]), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL[5]), Honda‘s (NYSE:HMC[6]) Acura and IKEA. Here’s a look at those fun banner ads.

Stride’s Ridiculously Long Banner Ad

Met Life’s “Play Like Schroeder”

Apple’s “Get a Mac” Part 2

 Acura’s Wired.com Ad

IKEA’s Small Store

Head on over to Mashable to check out the other five banner ads[7] that are fun to click.

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