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Grocery Store Trends: New Focus on Health

Many American grocery shoppers also are frugal


Consumers are more cautious about what items they buy and how much money they spend in grocery stores, according to a recently released “What’s in Store” report from the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association.

After analyzing the report, Convenience Store Decisions found that consumers are making healthier shopping choices than they used to. Here’s a look at a few consumer trends taking place in grocery aisles.

  • Healthier Food Choices:  More consumers understand the correlation between obesity and disease. The sale of fruits, vegetables and organic products are on the rise.
  • Less Meat: Americans still like meat, but they’re eating less of it. The report also found that shoppers today are more assertive when it comes to the humane treatment of animals used for meats. Beef from grass-fed cows, and eggs from cage-free chickens are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Frugal: The economy may be recovering, but the recession isn’t over yet. Many Americans are sticking to budgets when it comes to grocery shopping. Quite a few consumers also said that they clip coupons and pay close attention to sales.

The complete IDDBA report can be purchased at the organization’s website.

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