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Man Slams Truck Into a Taco Bell Over Missing Taco

A damaged truck leaves a trail for cops to track the suspect home


Michael Smith really wanted a taco.

According to police, Smith placed a drive-through window order at a Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) Taco Bell in Huber Heights, Ohio. After he drove away, he discovered that a 99-cent taco he’d requested hadn’t been included with the meal, reports.

Enraged, Smith returned to the restaurant and yelled at employees. Taco Bell employees admitted the error and gave Smith a taco. They described Smith as “sarcastic and rude.”

After receiving his taco, Smith reportedly left the store, turned his truck around and rammed the recently opened restaurant’s main door.

The incident damaged both the door and Smith’s truck, which leaked fluids all the way back to his house, allowing police to follow the trail. Arrested for felony vandalism, Smith confessed to authorities that he was angry that the store “messed up” his order.

Bad behavior by irritated customers is nothing new. Last week, two men were charged with vandalism after tossing bricks through the windows of a Tennessee McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) because an employee failed to hold the onions from their cheeseburgers. Also last week, a man was charged with trying to burn down a Washington Home Depot (NYSE:HD) that he claimed was hurting a friend’s hardware business.

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