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Survey: The Feature Car Buyers Want Most

Two-thirds want new car getting same or better mileage as current


Fuel economy has emerged as the most demanded feature by prospective car buyers.

A Consumer Reports survey of 1,702 adults in households that owned at least one vehicle found that people have cut back on driving and are looking for smaller cars that get more miles-per-gallon the next time they visit an auto dealership.

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In fact, consumers put fuel economy at the top of their list of preferred features for a new car in the survey. The next highest feature, quality, was ranked most important by half the percentage of those looking for fuel efficiency.

Two-thirds of people surveyed told Consumer Reports that they want a new car that gets the same or more miles per gallon compared to their current car. 60% of drivers said they were willing to buy a smaller car in order to achieve that fuel efficiency.

Here are the most important features that will affect the choice of a new car, according to respondents to the Consumer Reports survey:

  • Fuel economy — 37%
  • Quality — 17%
  • Safety — 16%
  • Value — 14%
  • Performance — 6%
  • Design/Style — 6%
  • Technology/Innovation — 3%

Here are the top concerns motivating car buyers, according to Consumer Reports:

  • Lower fuel costs — 90%
  • Latest fuel-saving technology — 69%
  • Environmentally friendly/green — 62%
  • Dependence on foreign oil — 56%
  • Change in lifestyle/family size — 34%

Consumer Reports has more detail and the survey’s full results.

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