Wells Fargo Fires Woman for Shoplifting — 40 Years Ago!

by Angela Nazworth | May 7, 2012 1:15 pm

The fourth-largest bank in the nation has scratched another employee from its payroll. But this time a 40-year-old mistake and not the recession is to blame.

Yolanda Quesada was fired by Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC[1]) last week after the company learned that she was convicted of shoplifting in 1972. The crime surfaced through a background check conducted by the bank.

Although Quesada worked in the customer service division of the bank and did not handle money, Wells Fargo spokesman Jim Hines said the bank had no choice but to fire the Milwaukee woman.

“Because Wells Fargo is an insured depository institution, we are bound by federal law that generally prohibits us from hiring or continuing the employment of any person who we know has a criminal record involving dishonesty or breach of trust,” Hines told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel[2].

Quesada, who was an award-winning employee during her five-year tenure with the mega bank, thinks she should get her job back, according TV station WTMJ[3].

“I think there’s more important things in life than something I did 40 years ago,” Quesada told the station.

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