5 Stars’ Outrageous Backstage Demands

by Angela Nazworth | June 19, 2012 9:28 am

Madonna isn’t the only star with super-sized demands while on tour[1]. Throughout the past several decades, crooners, country icons, divas and rock legends alike have listed rigid requirements on their backstage riders. A quick document dig at The Smoking Gun[2] unearthed numerous requests from hundreds of celebrities. Here are a few highlights from our favorite five riders.

Paul McCartney: During his days performing with The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney and the rest of the “Fab Four” had modest demands[3]. When McCartney began touring on his own, his rider requirements grew. According to a document from his 2002 World Tour[4], McCartney once demanded 24 bars of Ivory Soap. The ex-Beatle also requested that backstage furniture was not made of any animal skin or print — even the artificial kind. The no-animal demands extended to his limo — no leather seats.

Katy Perry: The singer with cotton-candy-colored hair is very particular when it comes to her dressing room. According to a document from her 2011 tour[5], her dressing room must be draped in cream or soft pink and contain two cream-colored egg chairs. Perry also asked for a “perspex modern style” coffee table and a refrigerator with a glass door.

John Mayer: Oral hygiene is important to soulful musician John Mayer. In a 2005 document[6], he requested four “soft head “toothbrushes, a bottle of Listerine, two small tubes of mint-flavored toothpaste (Sensodyne or Tom’s of Maine), and two packages of Altoids breath mints. It’s a good thing that Mayer is meticulous about caring for his teeth since he has a penchant for sugary cereal. He prefers either Cap’n Crunch, Count Chocula, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, his rider states.

Janet Jackson: For Jackson’s Number Ones, Up Close and Personal World Tour 20011[7],  the star outlined specific requirements for her dressing room decor. She called for small unscented candles as well as Votivo red currant scented candles.  She prefers an arrangement of cut white tulips, but will settle for white gardenias or white roses. Jackson also lists herself and all members of her family as “protected persons,” which means  joking about any Jackson is not acceptable.

Keith Urban: Country superstar Keith Urban didn’t make too many demands in his Summer Lovin’ 2010 rider[8], but he was particular about his food. He required two healthy breakfasts a day: a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with berries before his workout and a four egg white omelet with tomato and spinach for after his work out. He also requested the highest quality of organic ingredients including eggs from free-range chickens.

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