84-Year-Old Billionaire Twitter-Slams Rapper

by Angela Nazworth | June 5, 2012 11:56 am

An unlikely, yet very funny, exchange occurred on Twitter last week between rapper, Drake and 84-year-old BP Capital CEO T. Boone Pickens.

The good-humored tweeted banter began after BP Capital’s social media coordinator Monica Long saw @Drake’s tweet “the first million is the hardest, ” in a retweet that referenced Pickens’ book The First Billion is the Hardest: Reflections on a Life of Comebacks and America’s Energy Future, The Daily[1] reported.

Long told The Daily that her boss laughed at the tweet and then quipped the following: @boonepickens: “The first billion is a helluva lot harder. RT @Drake: the first million is the hardest.”

A few hours later, the rapper tweeted back at Pickens. “@boonepickens just stunted on me heavy.”

Pickens has gained more than 5,000 new followers since the witty tweets were exchanged. Pickens’ spokesman Jay Rosser told The Daily that Drake’s response gained the rapper 30 new fans from BP Capital. “We’re very pleased and grateful for how he received the tweet,” Rosser said.

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