Burger King Plans to Add 1,000 Restaurants in China

by Christopher Freeburn | June 18, 2012 1:50 pm

The world’s second-ranked hamburger chain plans a major expansion in China[1].

Burger King will explode its presence in China from just 63 restaurants now, to over a 1,000 by 2019, the Associated Press notes.

The new Chinese restaurants will be part of joint venture with Cartesian Capital Group and the Kurdoglu family, which operates Burger King’s largest overseas franchise.

China is not the only international destination for Burger King’s expansion. The company is expanding in Brazil and has announced plans to open hundreds of new restaurants in Russia[2].

Those restaurants will add to Burger King’s current 12,500 worldwide locations and will boost its Asian operations.

Formerly a public company, Burger King is now owned by 3G Capital.

The company recently bucked the trend toward healthy foods by introducing its new Bacon Sundae in the U.S., featuring fudge, vanilla ice cream and, well, bacon[3].

China is becoming an attractive target for other fast food chains. Yum Brands (NYSE:YUM[4]) opened 168 restaurants in China during its fiscal first quarter.

As large as Burger King’s Chinese expansion is, it still won’t surpass the 1,400 McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[5]) restaurants currently operating in China.

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