Kraft’s ‘Gay Oreo’ Causes Cookie Controversy

by InvestorPlace Staff | June 27, 2012 11:50 am

Kraft‘s (NASDAQ:KFT[1]) popular brand Oreo — best known for being “Milk’s favorite cookie” — might now be the Internet’s most controversial cookie[2].

On Monday, the company followed the lead of fellow “gay-friendly” Fortune 500 companies[3] by uploading a picture of a gay pride Oreo on its Facebook (NASDAQ:FB[4]) page[5]. The Oreo featured six layers of frosting in the colors of the rainbow flag and was posted with the status, “Proudly support love!”

The graphic was in recognition of LGBT Pride Month and part of an ad series for the cookie’s 100th birthday celebration — ads reflecting current events in a playful way using images of the cookie and milk, Kraft spokeswoman Basil Maglaris told

Since being posted, the picture has received a great deal of attention with more than 200,000 likes, 65,000 shares and 35,000 comments — but not all were good.

Some commenters lashed out by saying things like “Never eating Oreo ever again!” while more intense and often hateful debates about religion and politics also were sparked by the graphic.

Oreo is not the first company to face backlash from open support for the gay community. Last month, J.C. Penney (NYSE:JCP[6]) faced a boycott call[7] for a catalog picture showing a lesbian couple and their daughters, and previously faced a similar response to the use of openly gay Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson.

The majority of the attention, though, was overwhelmingly positive.

One comment said, “Never considered ‘liking’ a food until now. Way to go for being a progressive little cookie!” while another agreed, “I loved them before; I love them even more now. Blogged, Tweeted, Bought, Eaten!”

Unfortunately for the fan who wrote, “Thank you for the PRIDE cookie picture; now, where can we buy ’em?” the cookie is not for sale. In fact, it is not actually a real cookie — the colors were PhotoShopped, as the bottom of the graphic has the disclaimer, “Made with creme colors that do not actually exist.”

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