Madonna’s Over-the-Top Tour Demands

by Angela Nazworth | June 18, 2012 6:56 pm

[1]Madonna is the supreme diva. At 53, the superstar wowed devotees and even picked up a few new fans with her performance during the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show. Over the course of her music career, she has released 38 top-10 hits, 12 studio-recorded albums and sold more than 300 million records. She has also starred in several movies, became a devoted mother and championed many social causes.

Some say she’s earned the right to make demands. However, there are probably more than a few people associated with her MDNA tour who aren’t too thrilled with some of her outlandish commands. According to In Touch[2], here are just a few amenities the Material Girl requires.

Madonna’s MDNA album is the first one to be released by Interscope Records. All the others have been associated with Warner Bros. Records, a subsidiary of Time Warner (NYSE:TWX[3]). The Material Girl isn’t the only demanding celebrity, here’s a look at five more[4].

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