Quaker Oats Workers Win $241M Lottery

by Angela Nazworth | June 22, 2012 4:07 pm

“The Shipping 20” — a group of workers from Pepsico‘s (NYSE:PEP[1]) Quaker Oats plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa —  Wednesday claimed their share of a whopping $241 million Powerball prize.[2]

The ecstatic bunch, which includes 18 men and two women, have chosen to keep their last names private, The Gazette[3] reported.

Al, the group’s 61-year-old spokesman, told The Gazette he bought tickets on behalf of the employees. The group had been pooling their resources for about a decade with the commitment to buy $100 worth of Powerball tickets whenever the jackpot went above $150 million.

“A lot of times we get nothing,” Al said. “But not this time,” chimed in a happy co-worker before group received a ceremonial  check with the jackpot amount, The Gazette reported.

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