TV Makers Bet Big on New Display Technology

by Angela Nazworth | June 20, 2012 10:48 am

Samsung and LG are hoping to once again make televisions exciting.

The Korean TV makers are betting billions on cutting-edge technology that will slim down screens and improve image clarity, The Associated Press[1] reported. If the “OLED” — organic light-emitting diode — technology impresses consumers, the future TVs could keep the companies ahead of fallen electronics king, Sony (NYSE:SNE[2]).

The OLED TVs are expected to debut in select Asian, European and North American markets during the Christmas shopping season, AP said. The new technological wonders will not be cheap. At about $9,000, the 55-inch OLED model costs twice as much as a top-of-the line 55-inch set that can be purchased in stores today.

LG and Samsung are comparing the introduction of OLED TVs to the invention of color TVs that landed on the market about 60 years ago.

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