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UnitedHealth to Keep Key ObamaCare Benefits

The company will retain them regardless of Supreme Court outcome


On Sunday, UnitedHealth (NYSE:UNH), which insures 26 million people, announced that it would maintain coverage for dependents until they are 26-years old as part of their guardians’ health insurance plans.

The company made its announcement while President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, stands before the U.S. Supreme Court awaiting a decision on its constitutionality. Though no one is certain how the court will ultimately decide, UnitedHealth has decided to retain some of its features, even if the law is struck down.

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DaVita Buys HealthCare Partners for $4.42 Billion

The company also indicated that some preventative health screenings, including diabetes and blood pressure checks and certain immunizations, would continue to be offered without a co-payment. Additionally, UnitedHealth stated that it will preserve health insurance plans without “lifetime dollar limits.”

The benefits cited by UnitedHealth are not costly to the company and have attracted consumer interest, Forbes noted.

Other benefits included in the Affordable Care Act, such as coverage for people with preexisting conditions, which would become law in 2014, were not mentioned by UnitedHealth.

The company has spoken in favor of a federal mandate requiring individuals to purchase health insurance coverage.

UnitedHealth shares dipped fractionally in mid-day Monday trading.

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