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Would You Buy Your Cupcake From an ATM?

Vending machines have come a long way — just look at these 3

By Alyssa Oursler, InvestorPlace Contributor


Hungry? No need to deal with restaurants or, God forbid, people — food is increasingly available through machines or self-service devices, and not just those dull boxes that spit out a crumbly bag of chips or lukewarm soda. Check out these three gadgets that have taken vending machines to the next level:

1. Cupcake ATM

Sounds awesome, right? The Sprinkles cupcake chain in Beverly Hills, Calif., installed this popular machine earlier in the year. Customers choose a cupcake on the touch screen, swipe their credit card and get a fresh cupcake delivered to them by a robotic arm at any hour of the day. The machine is debuting at five Sprinkles locations by the end of the year, according to Restaurant News. The popular ATM sells more than 1,000 cupcakes per day and even has treats available for your furry friends.

2. Pizza Vending Machine

Facebook’s Mobile Nightmare Far From Over
Facebook’s Mobile Nightmare Far From Over

It’s not delivery, it’s … a vending machine? Yes, you heard right — after a successful introduction in Italy and then the U.K., the “Let’s Pizza” vending machine is now set to make its way to America. The machine takes care of it all, from kneading the dough to adding your choice of three toppings before popping out a 10.5 inch pizza in under three minutes. Creator A1 Concepts is preparing to open headquarters in Atlanta, while the machines will debut in a Florida theme park before expanding to various locations across the states.

3. Mobile Automated Food Stores

Everyone loves the sweets, but what if you want something healthier to balance out all those cupcakes and pizza? OK, fine, the machines can do that, too. Carts Blanche’s “VendaMart” food trailers are designed to deliver healthy, nutritional foods to people in food desert locations. The self-serve food and beverage trailers are equipped with built-in refrigerated, frozen and ambient temperature vending machines that accept cash, credit and debit. They’re a convenient alternative to using trucks and carts to deliver produce, or offering it at curbside stands and farmer’s markets.

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