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10 Industries That Benefit From a Fatter World

Obesity's making companies in these industries richer


The world has an obesity problem.

While the U.S. is arguably the “fattest” country in the world, obesity rates are on the rise in India, Mexico, Brazil, the U.K., East Asia and other areas. Overeating is hurting many people, but it’s also helping a few industries.

Business Insider recently compiled a list that highlights the industries that are getting rich off obesity. Here’s a rundown.

  1. Fast food (both restaurants and suppliers)
  2. Snack food
  3. Health care
  4. Diabetes-drug makers
  5. Cholesterol-drug makers
  6. Weight-loss pills
  7. Fad diets and exercises
  8. TV (Confused by this one? Think The Biggest Loser)
  9. Energy (This is tricky, too … overweight people spend more time indoors, which equates to using more electricity)
  10. Textiles

Head on over to Business Insider to read more about each industry on the list.

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