Applebee’s Latest Offering: Blow-Up Dolls

by InvestorPlace Staff | July 27, 2012 12:21 pm

Applebee’s (NYSE:DIN[1]) has added a new item to its menu … well … not to its menu. No, the casual dining chain has expanded beyond food and now offers inflatable dolls[2].

Yes, you heard me correctly. They’re called “Lunch Decoys” and, as the name explains, are meant to be propped up at your desk so you can sneak away from the office and grab a bite — while your bosses and co-workers still think you’re working.

The dolls come in a variety of genders, ethnicities and wardrobes, with six themed inflatables to choose from: The Overachiever, the Self-Starter, the Executive, the Multi-Tasker, the Cubicle Queen and the Go-Getter.

And a doll is only $6.99[3] plus shipping and handling — a steal considering the freedom and delicious lunches that will come with it.

Applebee’s must not have considered the possibility that the doll could also help out competitors, though, as newly-freed, lunch-seeking employees could instead flocks to the likes of Ruby Tuesday (NYSE:RT[4]) and Red Robin (NYSE:RRGB[5]) and leave the restaurant’s Pick ‘n’ Pair lunch deal in the dust.

-Alyssa Oursler, InvestorPlace Editorial Assistant

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