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PHOTO: McDonald’s Disappointing Olympics Menu

Some say the menu doesn't live up to the fast-food giant's promise


The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are eight days away, but the highly anticipated event has been ripe with controversy for quit some time. For example, a group of U.K. doctors publicly opposed McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) being the event’s main sponsor. And last week it was discovered that the uniforms Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) designed for the opening ceremonies were made in China — which gave the public even more reason to hate the uniforms syndicated columnist Mark Shields aptly described as “preppy night at the yacht club.”

Of course there are several other disappointments being attributed to the world’s most popular sports event, but the most recent cry of outrage once again involves McDonald’s.  Although the fast-food giant promised to offer a broad menu at the super-sized restaurant it built exclusively for the London Olympics, it didn’t deliver on that promise according to BurgerBusiness.

Here’s a look at the “disappointing” menu.

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