Rent Out Your GM Car Through OnStar

by Angela Nazworth | July 18, 2012 12:37 pm

[1]It’s a rule of life most human beings learn before they obtain a driver’s license: cars cost money. Big money.

First, you have to have enough to buy one. Then you need enough for gas, insurance, general maintenance, parking, etc. Let’s not forget that as soon as a new vehicle is driven off the lot, its value depreciates.

But now, because of a partnership between peer-to-peer car-sharing service RelayRides[2] and automaker General Motors (NYSE:GM[3]), there’s an new way for some vehicle-owners to make extra dough[4] — by renting out their wheels. Peer-to-peer car-sharing isn’t a brand-new concept, but GM and RelayRides have made the process easier for their customers through the partnership.

Here’s the skinny on the new service.

The concept of peer-to-peer car rentals has grown increasingly popular over the past few years, especially among those living in large metropolitan areas who don’t want the hassles associated with car ownership.

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