Restaurant Chain Unveils 100% Ground Bacon Burger

by Angela Nazworth | July 10, 2012 11:25 am

[1]Americans love bacon. So much so that many chefs and restaurant owners are often on the lookout for new ways to serve the cured slices of pork — think Burger King’s bacon sundae[2].

One restaurant chain has even successfully crafted a burger made entirely from bacon. California-based Slater’s 50/50[3] recently unveiled its 100% ground bacon burger affectionately named The ‘Merica. The artery’s newest nemesis is topped with cheese and more bacon.

Although ‘Merica debuted only this month, Slater’s has been long-known for serving up bacon delights. The company’s flagship burger, the 50/50, is half ground beef and half ground bacon. Customers can also chase their ‘Merica burgers with the Bakon Mary[4] — bacon-infused vodka with the house Bloody Mary mix, a rim of bacon salt and garnished with a slice of thick-cut bacon.

And don’t forget about dessert. Slater’s menu includes a warm and gooey bacon brownie[5].

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