Study: Female Board Presence Bodes Well for Stocks

by Angela Nazworth | July 31, 2012 12:50 pm

[1]Does gender diversity on corporate boards make a difference when it comes to stock performance? According to a recent study[2] conducted by the research arm of Credit Suisse Group (NYSE:CS[3]), the answer is yes. And the difference is positive.

The global study from Credit Suisse analyzed the performance of about to 2,400 companies with and without female board members over the last six years.

Here are two key findings regarding the correlation between company stock prices and gender-diverse boards:

The study also found that companies with women board members had the following four traits in common:

  1. Higher ROE
  2. Lower gearing
  3. Higher price/book value multiples
  4. Better average growth

The impact of gender diversity is a hot-button that’s been pressed and pondered for decades, but research into the matter has increased over the last several years. It’s a global issue that has been receiving  more attention in the U.S. lately mostly because we’re in an age where there’s a healthy pipeline of qualified businesswomen[5], yet females hold only around 16% of board seats[6] on Fortune 500 companies.

The complete survey can be downloaded for free from Credit Suisse[7].

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