VIDEO: Making Sense of Today’s Market

by Bryan Perry | July 26, 2012 1:45 pm

After the credit crisis market meltdown, everyone assumed that we’d have a “vanilla” recession that we’d easily pull out of with some government stimulus. But the markets haven’t experienced a notable rise, and investor psychology is quite negative as this bizarre economic recovery has been plagued more recently by European debt contagion fears. There’s money on the sidelines, but whether that money will come rushing back into the markets is the big question. Dividend-investing expert Bryan Perry[1], editor of the Cash Machine advisory service, says the tipping point could come within the next year because he anticipates an increase in merger activity.

In this video, Bryan tells editor Jeff Reeves[2] exclusively how he likes to look for safe, high-yield investments in non-traditional sectors such as business development companies (BDCs) and investment-grade municipal bonds.

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