VIDEO: Steel Your Portfolio Against Tax Hikes and Election Uncertainty

by Bryan Perry | July 26, 2012 3:14 pm

In this video, editor Jeff Reeves[1] and Cash Machine editor Bryan Perry[2] discuss issues that are on every investor’s mind today — taxes and the fiscal cliff. Bryan lays out the possible changes to dividend taxes as well as how to stay on the straight and narrow with the IRS. What’s more, he explains why the high-yielding Cash Machine portfolio is fiscally cliff-proof when it comes to taxes. He selects well-managed, high-yielding holdings to weather any political storm, no matter what happens in the coming election.

With the recent news of three California cities going bankrupt, Jeff and Bryan also talk about whether this instability is a sign of what’s to come for other states and how to invest in the best state and municipal bonds in the country.

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