Boy Finds Vomit Worth $60,000

by Angela Nazworth | August 30, 2012 8:40 am

Eight-year-old Charlie Naysmith found an interesting ‘rock’ on an England beach that could be worth more than $60,000.

Nope, he didn’t find a diamond, emerald, ruby or pearl. Naysmith found a big hunk of solidified whale vomit known as ambergris,  the Bournemouth Echo first reported[1].

Ambergris, which is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales and later expelled, is often used in expensive perfumes to prolong their scent.

“He is into nature and is really interested in it,” Naysmith’s dad, Alex, told The Echo. “We have discovered it is quite rare and are waiting for some more information from marine biology experts.”

The curious lad has not yet decided how he will use the money he gets from selling the ambergris, but is reportedly considering using it to build a house for animals.

Although the substance is commonly referred to as whale vomit, more often than not it is secreted from the whale’s system. Larger pieces, like the one Naysmith found, are typically spewed from the whale’s mouth.

  1. the Bournemouth Echo first reported:

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