FDA to Hershey: Change Your Syrup Labels

by Angela Nazworth | August 14, 2012 2:09 pm

[1]The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to Hershey (NYSE:HSY[2]) in February stating that the company had some relabeling to do, Reuters reports[3].

The FDA had a beef with the labels on the following bottles of chocolate syrup:

According to the FDA, having “plus” and “fortification” on those bottles violated federal law because the nutritional content listed on the labels did not meet the guidelines required to substantiate such claims.

Shortly after receiving the letter — which was first made public Tuesday — Hershey modified the products’ labels, but did not make changes the syrups, according to company spokesperson[4] Jeff Beckman.

“It came down to a matter of the FDA believing that the chocolate syrup is a snack food, and that we believe it is more accurately categorized as a milk modifier similar to products such as Ovaltine and Nesquik that have been fortified for decades,” Beckman told The Patriot News.

The FDA takes product naming and labeling very seriously. The organization recently wielded a verdict that disappointed the Corn Refiners Association when it forbade the organization from renaming high-fructose corn syrup[5].

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