Katy Perry Reportedly Turned Down This $20M One-Year Gig

by Angela Nazworth | August 27, 2012 2:22 pm

[1]American singer/songwriter Katy Perry might have turned down a $20 million gig to be the next judge on Fox’s American Idol.

Perry’s rumored decision to not fill a chair next to Mariah Carey[2] was reported by TMZ[3]. Sources told the celebrity gossip site that Perry doesn’t think judging Idol contestants would be the right move for her career-wise. She also reportedly said she simply doesn’t have time to be a judge on the show.

In more Idol news, The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Nicki Minaj — who sings, raps and sells perfume[4] — is very close to signing an $8 million deal to join the show.

Apparently, there are two hangups regarding Minaj judging:

  1. Minaj is a spokesperson for PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP[5]) and American Idol is sponsored in part by Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO[6]), which means Coke isn’t happy.
  2. Carey was reportedly under the impression that she was going to be the only female judge on the show, and if that’s true — which I doubt — than Carey isn’t happy[7].

The latest celebrity to be rumored for a judges seat is country sensation Keith Urban. Urban has told an Australian radio station at he’s in talks with the show, THR reports. If Urban takes the job, his salary for the role is rumored as being less than $5 million.

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