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Say Hello to Toilet Paper Ads

Here's what you need to know about the new advertising strategy


Entrepreneurial brothers Jordan and Bryan Silverman are on a roll with their new company Star Toilet Paper.

The company is an advertising, manufacturing and distribution outlet that focuses on printing advertisements and coupons on toilet paper. It’s an idea that Jordan Silverman came up with while looking at the wall of a bathroom stall. The brothers partnered for the project and patented the product in 2010.

“It’s an unmatched active audience,” Jordan told New York Daily News. “A person looks at the average advertisement for two to five seconds. People will look at ours for a lot longer.”

Here’s the gist of the new business:

  • The company supplies free ad-supported toilet paper to various venues like restaurants, universities, and stadiums.
  • The free-factor is a big draw for the venues … and of course, the more venues that participate, the more likely companies are to advertise.
  • The minimum order is $99 for 20,000 ads. Each ad costs half a cent.
  • Up to seven advertisers are featured on each roll.
  • Coupons found on the toilet paper can be redeemed at the company’s website.
  • The toilet paper reportedly is environmentally-friendly, septic safe and comfortable to use. The ink used on the ads is soybean-based.

So far, more than 50 companies have begun advertising with Star Toilet Paper. Allstate (NYSE:ALL) and Ben and Jerry’s are two of the company’s big-name clients.

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