The 10 Richest Black Actors

by Angela Nazworth | August 22, 2012 1:20 pm

Some of the most successful — and in this case, successful means rich — men in Hollywood are masters of various trades. In fact, they often excel at two or more of the following professions: singing, acting, producing, directing, rapping and the like. Several have also written books and lead business ventures.

If this article was written fifty years ago, the talented men referenced above would also have skin color in common. They’d almost all be white. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

Following up an article about the richest black actresses[1], Celebrity Net Worth, has compiled a list of The 35 Richest Black Actors in the World[2]. All men on the list take on roles other than acting, but are well-known for their work on a stage or in front of a movie camera.

It’s too interesting to not point out that the fourth-richest African-American male on the list is worth the same amount as the wealthiest African-American female on the list of rich black actresses. Although the comparisons aren’t apples to apples, it’s a point still worth noting.

Here’s a peek at the top ten richest black actors in the world.

Actor Net Worth In Millions
Tyler Perry $400 Million
Bill Cosby $350 Million
Will Smith $200 Million
Samuel L. Jackson $150 Million
Denzel Washington $140 Million
Martin Lawrence $110 Million
Ice Cube $100 Million
Morgan Freeman $90 Million
Jamie Foxx $85 Million
LL Cool J $80 Million


Visit Celebrity Net Worth to view a slide show and find out what other celebrities made its list of The 35 Richest Black Actors in The World[3].

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