The 10 Richest Black Actresses

by Angela Nazworth | August 20, 2012 1:19 pm

Sadly, there was a time when the work of talented African-American actresses was not recognized. Even when roles were rewarded to a black actress, it was usually for a stereotypical part and for a salary less-than what was paid to a Caucasian actress.

Fortunately, times have changed and while there is still progress to be made in gender and race equality, there is good news to report on those fronts as well.

Today, many of the most recognizable actresses in America are black. Here’s a look at the ten richest African-American actresses according to a recent list compiled by Celebrity Net Worth[1].

Actress Net Worth in Millions
Janet Jackson $150
Halle Berry $70
Phylicia Rashad $55
Queen Latifah $50
Whoopi Goldberg $45
Raven-Symone $45
Angela Bassett $28
Vanessa Williams $27
Jada Pinkett-Smith $20
Thandie Newton $17

While Janet Jackson’s fortune comes mostly from her music and not her acting gigs, the celebrity has starred in dozens of films.

In addition to being part of a famous family, Michael’s little sister was first known by most American’s for her roles on television hits Good Times and Different Strokes.

Visit Celebrity Net Worth to view a slide show and find out what other celebrities made its list of The 25 Richest Black Actresses[2].

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