Fashion Week: Katie Holmes Debuts Line

by Alyssa Oursler | September 13, 2012 2:24 pm

Katie Holmes was the talk of the town thanks to her controversial divorce[1] from this year’s highest paid actor Tom Cruise[2] lately. But this week, New York Fashion Week helped her steal the spotlight from her Scientology-loving ex.

Holmes, along with her stylist and design partner Jeanne Yang, gave fashion insiders a sneak peak at the duo’s label, which will debut in the spring.

Their fashion week appearance, though, came in the format of a presentation as opposed to a runway show. Both designers greeted attendees while sporting black stretch pant and leather blazers.

No interviews or photographs with Holmes were allowed.

Holmes is just the latest celebrity to try her hand in the serious fashion world. The Kardashians, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Venus Williams, Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad all boast their own brands.

Her appearance at fashion week has been perceived as an important step towards showing that her brand is serious.

The star has been eyed for her fashions for some time, though, and even her young daughter[3] has both her own style and own following.


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