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Grade My Top 5 Buys for 2012

Apple leads the way in our portfolio picks for 2012

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CVD Equipment: Grade = D

Finally, we have CVD Equipment  (NYSE:CVV). This was the most exciting recommendation out of the bunch because of its involvement with graphene, the thinnest and toughest material ever produced. Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon, and recently academics have discovered how to manipulate how the material conducts electricity, a breakthrough that opens the door to its use in computers since graphene conducts electricity 30 times faster than silicon—approaching the speed of light!

Graphene is an extraordinary material — in 2010 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their groundbreaking experiments with graphene — and there are a whole lot of companies, universities and industries researching it. It’s too soon to see which of these players will be the big winner, so I wanted to go straight to the source and invest in the equipment that all these players need for their research.

However, although we got off to a great start with CVV shares rocketing 30% higher in the first month of the year, it’s been mostly a bumpy ride downhill since. The stock has bounced around with regard to its fundamentals, and the bottom has dropped out of its buying pressure.

My Emerging Growth subscribers got out of this stock with modest gains of about 5% as momentum declined earlier this year, and if you hold shares of CVV, I recommend that you sell the company despite its exciting possibilities. This stock is down about 18% year-to-date, and I’ll rank this pick as a D.

My Final Grade

All told, if you had purchased an equal amount of each of these companies, you’d be sitting on a whopping 47% return so far this year. That’s right at about three-to-one outperformance versus the market—and that’s exactly what we aim to do in my Blue Chip Growth service.

We’ve been beating the market by three-to-one since I launched the service 15 years ago—in good markets, in bad markets and in every single market in between. So why settle for the mediocre returns of an index fund when you can beat the market by investing in low-risk, high-return select blue chip stocks?

It’s not complicated or time-consuming to build wealth and secure your financial future by investing in the right blue chip stocks.

It’s what we’ve done for over a decade—and what we continue to do every day—in Blue Chip Growth. Thousands of investors are using our strategy and beating the market three-to-one, and I invite you to join them risk-free today. If you’re interested in learning more, you should click here now.

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