Man With Innate Knack for Carnival Games Wins 250,000 Prizes

by Angela Nazworth | September 5, 2012 2:01 pm

Detroit car salesman Peter Drakos has got an unusual talent. He’s one of  — if not the — best carnival-game players in the world, and he’s won at least 250,000 stuffed animals to prove it.

Drakos, who does his best game work by tossing rings around bottles, started playing carnival games when he was nine-years old. From the get-go, he was a champion. The first year he played he won about 200 stuffed animals and he gave one to each kid in his school.

The 64-year-old never lost his generous spirit. He still gives away his stuffed winnings.

“I give them away – everyone of them,” Drakos told CBS[1]. “Sometimes it brings tears to your eyes because you know that (the kids who get the toys)  are really happy.”

Throughout the years, Drakos  has donated stuffed toys to more than 50 different charities.

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