At 50, Rolling Stones Tour Again

by Nate Wooley | October 16, 2012 11:47 am

The Rolling Stones are heading out again. The band is hitting its 50th anniversary, and the road is beckoning.

As a celebration of five decades of performing, the Stones are going out on a short tour, reports Variety[1]. Called “One More Shot,” it will have four dates — two in London and two in New Jersey (nearby to New York City). The final U.S. show will be produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE:WWE) [2]and will be offered via pay-per-view TV.

WWE has been working to convert its track record in live pay-per-view into higher revenues. In April, its first Wrestlemania event earned $67 million. The Rolling Stones event is one of the first announced for WWE’s new effort.

The new tour is also seeing Virgin Media (NASDAQ:VMED[3]) enter the concert promotional market, with the company creating Virgin Live in partnership with Dainty Group.

In addition to the tour, the Stones will release a new greatest hits collection, GRRR! which will feature two new songs.

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