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Candy Corn Makes a Comeback

The tri-color confection is a trendy new ingredient


It’s Halloween time again, and that means candy. Packaged candy, homemade candy and  even some traditional favorites, like the orange, yellow and white candy corn.

Most candy corn is, of course, sold around Halloween. It’s been a holiday favorite for decades and doesn’t show any signs of fading away. If anything, it’s growing.

Candy corn dates from the 1880s. George Renninger created it, and later Goelitz Confectionary Co., which would become Jelly Belly, began producing it.

Manufacturers say the formula for the tri-color confection hasn’t changed since the candy’s creation. Called “mellocreme,” it’s a combination of sugar, corn syrup and water whipped with mazetta, a form of marshmallow.

Here are some things being done with candy corn:

  • Zest Bistro & Lemon Tree Grocer in Downer’s Grove, Ill., is melting it in marshmallows as a filling for whoopee pies.
  • JarBee Coffee is now offering a candy dorn arabica called Witches Brew.
  • Nabisco (NASDAQ:MDLZ) offered candy corn Oreos

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