Kia Unveils 4 Superhero-Themed Vehicles

by Nate Wooley | October 31, 2012 11:00 am

[1]It’s something you probably wouldn’t have thought possible but the superhero craze is coming to cars. Korean automaker Kia (PINK:KIMTF[2]) unveiled a new set of superhero-themed rides[3] at the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show in Las Vegas.

The themed cars — made in conjunction with Time Warner’s (NYSE:TWX[4]) DC Entertainment — each feature a different DC character with artwork by comic book veteran Jim Lee. The custom vehicles were built by West Coast Customs, Rides magazine and Super Street magazine as part of a program to benefit the We Can Be Heroes[5] charity.

Here’s what each hero rides:

The Flash Forte Koup: Based on the scarlet speedster, this car is airbrushed red, orange and yellow and features a front end designed to appear as if it were breaking the sound barrier.

Aquaman Rio 5-Door: Based on the marine superhero, this car uses gold and green paint to create “scales” and features a rear window with comic panel etchings.

Green Lantern Soul: Based on the superheroes gifted with a powerful ring, this vehicle is green and black and features green-tinted windows and widened wheel wells.

Cyborg Forte 5-Door: Based on the half-man half-machine hero, this silver car is designed to match the Cyborg’s armor.

An Optima with a Batman theme was released earlier this year, and Kia also plans to unveil Superman and Wonder Woman-themed vehicles soon, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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