Disney in Big Superhero Copyright Battle

by Nate Wooley | October 11, 2012 2:55 pm

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS[1]) has made a great deal of money from superheroes over the last few years. With the success of numerous Marvel movies — including this year’s billion-dollar The Avengers — Disney has seen its bottom line enhanced by its 2009 acquisition.

Now ownership of Marvel’s characters is in dispute. Stan Lee Media — a defunct Internet company named after the creator of many of the popular characters — is suing Disney for billions in lost profits, reports The Los Angeles Times[2].

In the suit, Stan Lee Media makes the claim that it owns the copyright on the Marvel heroes created by Lee. Documents filed with the suit state that Lee signed a contract in 1998 assigning the rights to all characters he created to Stan Lee Media. Two weeks later, Lee signed a similar contract with Marvel Entertainment.

Stan Lee Media — where Stan Lee no longer is an officer — is claiming that its rights take priority because its contract was signed first.

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