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Gas Prices: A State-by-State Look

See how your state stacks up as gas prices climb higher


Back in August, gas prices rose so much that the consumer price index posted its largest jump in the past three years. Now, September has flown by, October is getting under way, the leaves are changing and … well … little else is.

Sure, the national average price of a gasoline is cheaper that it was a month ago and even a week ago, but its $3.78-per-gallon price tag is still significantly more — 35 cents more, to be exact — than consumers were shelling out at the same time last year.

As usual, things are the worst in hard-to-reach states like Hawaii and Alaska, and the clean-energy focused state of California. While most of us are bemoaning the idea of $4 gas, Hawaii is 40 cents over that threshold already.

Prices have jumped pretty much across the board, too. Even South Carolina — the cheapest state of all — is paying around 7 cents more than it was toward the end of August.

Below is a state-by-state roster of average gas prices from AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report, listed from most to least expensive:

State Price State Price State Price
Hawaii $4.417 Nebraska $3.867 Ohio $3.723
California $4.168 Minnesota $3.865 Maryland $3.709
Connecticut $4.123 South Dakota $3.860 Oklahoma $3.703
New York $4.107 Wisconsin $3.859 Florida $3.700
Alaska $4.069 West Virginia $3.856 Arizona $3.677
Washington $4.029 Idaho $3.850 Kentucky $3.669
Oregon $3.987 Iowa $3.810 New Mexico $3.658
Rhode Island $3.968 Nevada $3.801 Virginia $3.619
North Dakota $3.967 New Jersey $3.797 Missouri $3.610
Maine $3.955 Montana $3.788 Georgia $3.606
Illinois $3.941 Utah $3.786 Arkansas $3.590
Vermont $3.937 Kansas $3.778 Louisiana $3.588
Massachusetts $3.914 Indiana $3.777 Texas $3.549
District of Columbia $3.890 Delaware $3.764 Tennessee $3.545
Pennsylvania $3.882 North Carolina $3.742 Alabama $3.543
Michigan $3.879 Colorado $3.739 Mississippi $3.530
New Hampshire $3.869 Wyoming $3.725 South Carolina $3.506

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