Russell Crowe’s Wife Wins Big in Divorce

by Nate Wooley | October 16, 2012 10:36 am

There’s bad news and good news for Danielle Spencer. She’s divorcing acting superstar Russell Crowe, but she’s doing very well by it.

Spencer, a singer, is expected to receive more than 20 million pounds in the settlement, reports The London Daily Mail[1]. That’s more than $32 million. Spencer and Crowe have been married for nine years. Prior to their marriage Spencer signed a pre-nup that denied her any share of Crowe’s fortune if the marriage didn’t last at least three years.

The couple isn’t talking about the cause of their breakup. Tabloids have speculated that Crowe’s busy schedule away from home led to it, while other rumors have centered on Spencer’s friendship with her Dancing With the Stars partner, Damian Whitewood. In the past. both Spencer and Crowe have denied that the friendship has caused any trouble.

Crowe also owns numerous businesses and properties in Australia. The actor has shares in a soccer team, rental properties, a meat supply business and a pub in New South Wales among others.

The couple has two children, Charles and Tennyson. Each has a 2 million pound trust set up to care for them.

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