The Post-FOMC Period Looks Bearish

by John Lansing | October 24, 2012 10:53 am

Today is FOMC day, and to add some color on sectors and subsectors from the last Fed Open Market Committee meeting — when “QE3-Unlimited” was announced — the S&P 500 has now dropped just over 3%.

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SPY 140 is the support, and SPY 143 is the resistance (see chart). I imagine that for the next couple days, we’re going to ping-pong between these two areas. It’s one of those things where the previous support of 143 now becomes resistance, and the old support of 140 (in terms of SPDRs) is still support — until it’s not. It might take one to three days for it to break; you never really know.

So many sectors, subsectors, averages and commodities are currently underperforming from the day Ben Bernanke announced his QE3 plans. With the global economy now facing macro headwinds and so many countries slipping into a recession, he hoped to combat deflation, but the success of this master plan is still an unknown to some extent.

Here’s how some notable names have performed since the last FOMC meeting:

While QE3’s ultimate impact is yet unknown, one thing is perfectly clear. From the day it was announced, nearly every asset class continues to roll over. The technicals don’t look good, either. We’ll see what happens later today — and in the coming weeks.

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