Chuck E. Cheese Goes Gluten-Free

by Nate Wooley | November 14, 2012 1:42 pm

[1]Now every kid — even those with gluten and wheat sensitivities — can enjoy the food and fun at Chuck E. Cheese (NYSE:CEC[2]).

The pizza-and-games restaurant is introducing gluten-free items to its menu, joining a growing trend of food producers and restaurants attempting to cater to an increasing batch of customers with gluten sensitivity.

Chuck E. Cheese’s new items — a gluten-free individual-sized cheese pizza and a chocolate fudge cupcake — also address cross-contamination concerns that parents might have. Both are individually packaged during the production process and are cooked and delivered to tables still sealed. The pizza even comes with a sealed pizza cutter.

Chuck E. Cheese is working with two partners to ensure that the products remain gluten-free. The pizza is made at Conte’s Pasta’s certified gluten-free location in New Jersey, while the cupcakes are made at Fabe’s All Natural Bakery in California.

Chuck E. Cheese also has made a list of ingredients available online[3].

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