EU Health Warning: Routine Infections Could Turn Fatal

Drug resistant superbugs are becoming an increasing health threat in Europe, reports Reuters.

Superbugs are highly-deadly forms of bacteria that develop an increasing resistance to modern antibiotics, leading to an increased incidence of hospitalization and even death. In EU countries, between 25% and 60% of infections from one type of pneumonia were because of antibiotic resistance.

The cause, as reported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, is the overuse of antibiotics — from patients demanding them when they’re not required and from hospitals overusing them.

Latest available data shows that the rate of antibiotic use has grown significantly across the EU, with Greece leading the way.

Strains exposed to normal antibiotics but not killed by them develop an immunity. Once that happens, the use of strong, last-ditch antibiotics is reuqired. Of course, that only works if the bacteria is not also immune to the new antibiotic.

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