Finally! 787 Dreamliner Makes First U.S. Flight

by Nate Wooley | November 5, 2012 12:54 pm

[1]The new 787 Dreamliner from Boeing (NYSE:BA[2]) finally got a chance to show what it can do yesterday[3].  United Continental (NYSE:UAL[4]) passengers experienced the aircraft’s first U.S. flight, which went from Houston to Chicago.

The new plane has seen its share of difficulties. Delivery ended up being delayed by three years due to production and design problems.

However, there are significant advantages for airlines that update their fleets. Fuel efficiency for the Dreamliner is said to be up to 20% better than some older planes and its composite-materials body can bring down maintenance costs by as much as 30%.

Plus, the Dreamliner is designed to provide a more comfortable and convenient flight experience[5] for its passengers. Those who have ridden the plane have given glowing reviews so far.

Some features of the new plane include:

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