Ford to Debut First New ‘Minivan’ in 6 Years

by Nate Wooley | November 13, 2012 10:13 am

[1]After six years with no contender is the minvan market, Ford Motor (NYSE:F[2]) is preparing to launch the Ford Transit Connect Wagon[3], a new vehicle that seats seven and has side sliding doors. Just don’t call it a minivan. That would, apparently, be uncool.

While the Transit Connect Wagon sure looks like a minivan, Ford is trying hard to avoid the label. A Ford executive claims the van is more of a hybrid SUV than a minivan. The company hopes that its target market, parents in the 30- to 42-year-old range, will appreciate the vehicle’s style and doesn’t want them turned off by the minivan label.

The van has two 4-cylinder engine options, one of which will get as much as 30 miles per gallon during highway driving. That will place the Transit Connect Wagon at the top end of minivan mileage.

The Transit Connect is due to debut at next month’s Los Angeles Auto Show and will be available to the public in fall 2013. Pricing isn’t locked in, but Ford is hinting that the price point will be at the low end of the minivan range.

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