Home Prices: What the White House Is Valued at Today

by Christopher Freeburn | November 4, 2012 8:15 pm

[1]While homeowners in many parts of the country are just beginning to see their home values begin to rise again, there’s one home in Washington, D.C., that’s posted a 1.5% gain in value over the past four years[2].

That would be the White House. According to estimates by real estate website Zillow, in 2008, the iconic mansion’s value was $280.8 million; that has now edged up to $284.9 million, Marketwatch noted.

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, across from scenic Lafayette Park, the executive mansion offers 55,000 square-feet, 16 bedrooms and 35 baths. Tours are conducted on most days.

Home values in the nation’s capital have been moving up in recent years. If present trends continue, the White House will be valued at $288 million by next year.

Of course, that will still be less than the $299.9 million it was worth in 2006.

Residents of the White House get to stay four or eight years, and while the value of the White House may be $284 million, prospective residents will have to spend a lot more than that just to get there[3].

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