Hostess Demise Starts Online Twinkies Frenzy

by Christopher Freeburn | November 19, 2012 2:02 pm

[1]Twinkies are becoming collectors’ items. The soft, creme-filled cakes are being sold online[2] as devotees try to cash in on their hoards of sugary goodness after the shutdown of Hostess Brands, which made the iconic snack food.

Some collectors made hurried trips to local retailers to snap up remaining boxes of the treats, planning to turn a quick profit through online selling. Online listings for Twinkies proliferated quickly on eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY[3]) and other websites, the New York Times noted.

While most boxes of Twinkies are selling on eBay for two or three times their normal retail price, some auctions have listed the cakes for hundreds or thousands of dollars[4].

But Twinkies sellers could see their plans for a quick profit frustrated if Twinkies doesn’t die with Hostess. In fact, the company is almost certain to sell off its product lines. That means that Twinkies are very likely to continue under another manufacturer.

Hostess announced on Friday that it would wind down operations after one of its unions refused to end a strike by the end of business on Thursday[5].

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