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Man Finds $20,000 in Discarded Book

He wants to find the previous owner and return the money


A Wellesley, Mass., man is on the lookout for the owner of a book. The book, which the man found at the Wellesley dump, had more than $20,000 hidden in its pages.

The Brazilian immigrant who found the book collects old magazines and books to create art. He says they also help with his English because he never had a chance to get a formal education.

The man has requested that his name not be made public. He’s also not sharing a lot of information about the book. It’s his hope that the previous owner will come to him and identify it so he can return the money. He says there was no name or other hint of the owner’s identity in the book itself.

He wants to return the cash because he knows how he would feel if he lost that sort of money. He’s decided to wait for six months for the owner to contact him. To do so, the owner must identify the book, the exact amount of money and other items that were hidden inside the book.

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