New York Still Faces Massive Public Transit Challenges

by Nate Wooley | November 5, 2012 10:47 am

[1]Public transit in the New York-New Jersey area still is trying to recover. With several of the usual means of getting around New York City still under normal capacity or out completely[2], people still are struggling to get around.

Monday’s rush hour saw several subway lines still not ready for a full load, and the Long Island Rail Road was over capacity[3] with commuters unable to board their trains, USA TODAY reports. Even on operational subway lines, many have fewer than normal trains to carry people from home to work and back in the evening.

The New Jersey Coast Line went overcapacity and was suspended by New Jersey Transit[4], according to the Wall Street Journal. Commuters are being told to take ferries to get into New York City.

Officials for the city and for the Federal Emergency Management Agency are warning commuters that the entire transit system is not yet ready for what they think will be higher-than-normal demand. Rail experts say that restoring the system to full capacity could take months[5].

While some public transit is restored to all five boroughs, none of the systems are operating at pre-Sandy capacity. Further increasing the load is both a scarcity of fuel for those who normally commute by car and the re-opening of New York City schools.

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