Oops! Wii Mini Leaked by Best Buy Site

by Nate Wooley | November 27, 2012 9:23 am

[1]Best Buy Canada (NYSE:BBY[2]) accidentally leaked the first image of the rumored Wii Mini on its website this week.

The existence of a redesigned Wii has been a subject of speculation for some time. Following the release of the European-only Wii Family Edition last year, the time seemed right for a redesign of the original Wii. Combine that with some statements from Nintendo (PINK:NYDOY[3]) executives that demand for the Wii is still there, and it seemed that, even with the release of the new Wii U, there’s still some life in the original edition, reports Gamespot.com[4].

The image was accidentally posted by Best Buy and features a box labeled “Wii Mini.” While the image, of a red and black device, mentions that it’s available for pre-order, the site isn’t currently accepting pre-orders. The image also includes the words, “Coming Dec. 7, 2012!”

Recently, the price for the original Wii was lowered to $130, which could spur more sales of the original console during the holiday season.

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