Remember Hockey? NHL Labor Talks Resume

by Nate Wooley | November 20, 2012 9:45 am

[1]After eight days away from the table, labor talks between the National Hockey League and the Player’s Association resumed yesterday.

The sides met for less than two hours yesterday, reports the Associated Press[2]. Neither commented publicly on the substance of the bargaining session. Another bargaining session may be held on Tuesday, if both sides can agree to meet.

The conflict centers over player compensation, of course. The NHL is insisting that the players should present an entire economic system before any specific proposals can be considered, while the players have brought forth a number of individual issues for consideration. Neither group appears willing at this point to seriously consider the other’s position.

The lockout is now in its 66thday, and the season itself is in jeopardy. So far, all games through the end of November have been canceled as well as the New Year’s Day Winter Classic. The league says that unless a resolution is found soon, more games will be canceled — and eventually the entire season will be.

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