Taco Bell Expands Desserts and Snacks

by Nate Wooley | November 8, 2012 12:52 pm

[1]In its latest step in reworking its menu, Taco Bell (NYSE:YUM[2]) is rolling out new dessert and snack items[3] aimed at the afternoon crowd. The move goes along with the fast-food chain’s recent hiring of celebrity chef Lorena Garcia and the announcement that its restaurants will begin sporting a new look[4]. The recent additions of the Cantina Bell menu[5] and the introduction of the Doritos Locos Tacos[6] items have met with success.

The new menu items aim to expand the chain’s market share with those looking for more of a snack than a meal. New desserts items include a churro and a cookie sandwich with vanilla-cream filling. A strawberry and mango Fruitista is also being offered for a short time.

Taco Bell is expanding its non-dessert menu with the addition of XXL Steak Nachos nationwide. Also being test marketed this month are the Double Steak Quesadilla in Charlotte, N.C., and a Smothered Burrito in Dayton, Ohio.

The changing chain isn’t done revamping itself. Also in the plan is a set of savory snacks called Loaded Grillers, which will feature appetizer-style foods in grilled tortillas.

More on the changes at Taco Bell:

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