The Most Expensive McDonald’s in the World

by Nate Wooley | November 8, 2012 1:52 pm

[1]Would you pay $23 for a meal at fast-food chain[2] McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[3])? The average Norwegian does. That’s the finding of a new study by Euromonitor[4]. The research focused on the differences in McDonald’s operations around the world.

The average sales receipt in Norway came in at the equivalent of $23, with a Big Mac selling for $7.06. In the U.S. a Big Mac costs $4.33.

The second most expensive country in the report is France. An average meal at a McDonald’s there costs approximately $16.

Further findings included the fact that the chain’s restaurants in Switzerland are the busiest. Each of its 153 Swiss restaurants showed 4.8 million transactions in 2011 versus roughly 2.5 million per location in the U.S.

The largest markets for McDonald’s new McCafe in 2011 were Germany, Australia and China. The chain is going to attempt to aggressively open restaurants in China in the future with more than 1,000 opening between 2006 and 2011.

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